Validity Foundation - Mental Disability Advocacy Centre

National briefing papers

Research conducted in Bulgaria, Czechia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Portugal assessed the (1) barriers defendants with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities face in the criminal justice system in accessing information, support and procedural accommodations that prevent them from participating, and (2) the extent and manner in which law, policy, and/or practice (including promising practices) allow them to overcome these barriers, particularly through the provision of procedural accommodations.

The reports will help to shape reform and the creation of a disability bench book and protocol to make criminal proceedings more accessible.

Bulgaria – available in English and in Bulgarian

Bulgaria - briefing paper, cover Bulgaria - briefing paper in BG

Czechia – available in English and in Czech

Czechia - briefing paper in ENG Czechia - briefing paper in CZ

Lithuania– available in English and in Lithuanian

Lithuania - briefing paper ENG Lithuania - briefing paper in LT

Romania – available in English and in Romanian

Romania - briefing paper in ENG Romania - briefing paper in RO

Slovakia– available in English and in Slovak

Slovakia - briefing paper in English Slovakia - briefing paper in Slovak

Slovenia– available in English and in Slovenian

Slovenia - briefing paper in ENG Slovenia - briefing paper in Slovenian

Spain– available in English and in Spanish

Spain - briefing paper in English Spain - briefing paper in Spanish

Portugal– available in English and in Portuguese

Portugal - briefing paper in ENG Portugal - briefing paper in Portuguese