My home, my choice

Reducing abuse in institutions and increasing community living. For centuries people with mental disabilities have been left in institutions, supposedly in their own best interests. Segregation has left people isolated, exploited and abused. In Europe alone, we estimate two million people are segregated just because they have a disability.

It doesn't have to be this way. We call for governments to ensure that all people can live in safe and inclusive communities.

We support the global disability rights movement in their priority areas where law can play a valuable role in achieving structural change. We work on two other campaigns see these below:

We use four strategies to achieve the goals of these campaigns:

Building solidarity

We support local lawyers and NGOs by delivering training and strengthening their capacity, and help victims of human rights abuse tell their story nationally and internationally.

Promoting inclusion

We work with local, national and international bodies to ensure a human rights based approach in law and policy reform.

Securing justice

We take test cases through the courts to redefine the law.

Supporting movements

We use our legal skills to support national and international disability rights advocates.